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April 21, 2017

A Craft Distillery Returns to Guelph

In 2018 The Metalworks will open the doors of its new craft distillery, stylish eatery and tasting room.

It’s said that John Galt signaled the founding of Guelph with the felling of a maple tree. And legend has it he celebrated with a belt of whiskey. Now The Metalworks invites you to toast to another momentous occasion on the banks of the Speed River.


In the beginning it was Alan’s Mill and Distillery and in 2018, after a nearly 200-year drought, The Metalworks will reignite the stills that helped shape its history.

The as-of-yet unnamed craft distillery, stylish eatery and tasting room will be housed in the reestablished heritage building. Just across the river from where the tree fell, on the very spot where the original whiskey barrels were stored.

And to commemorate this historic event The Metalworks will be releasing new suites at The Studio. Join us May 6th for the release event.

A salute to the past and a toast to the future. This is genuine Guelph.

Register for the May 6th release event at


Renderings are artist concept and used for illustration purposes only.

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