The Metalworks® - Community

The Community

It’s Saturday morning. Outside, sunlight filters through the trees and sparkles on the river. A cool breeze disturbs the morning paper. You head downstairs to the gym and greet a few neighbours on the way. After your workout you walk along the river before meeting friends for lunch. You end the day with a drink on the balcony before heading downtown for dinner. This is life at The Metalworks®.

A once prolific centre of industry is being transformed into a dynamic community where past meets present. Where life, work, and leisure connect. And where the best in local culture means up to 30,000 sqft. of dining, cafes, galleries, and shopping. A unique urban lifestyle, in the heart of downtown Guelph.

It’s history in the making. And you can be a part of it.

The Community
Looking Southwest

The Bankhouse Suites as Seen
From the River Walk

Shopping + Dining
Phase 4

The Studio Viewed From
the Neeve Street Bridge

The Community
Looking East

River Walk
Phase 1

Heritage Building

The Neighbourhood

When John Galt founded Guelph he envisioned a town of public squares and streets radiating from a central point along the Speed River. John Galt saw what this site had to offer, but over the years the vision blurred. As the city grew into a vibrant university town this site and the river were cut off from the city. The Metalworks® will reconnect the site and the river to the thriving downtown.

Between this new vision, a highly educated population, and the designation of one of Canada’s safest communities, Guelph is poised to make history again.

The Metalworks® will live at the central point Galt envisioned in the heart of downtown. The city’s landmarks, distinctive limestone architecture, retail, dining, professional services, and entertainment just minutes away. Go and discover.


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